Sunday, January 5, 2014



Singapore is well know for its model of FINANCIAL PRUDENCE.

Can you think about examples that shows (or negates) this point?

So, as an initial look at how Math is relevant to the REAL WORLD, we will be taking a look at Singapore’s model in helping its citizens to manage debt through the policies associate with UNSECURED LOANS, VEHICLE LOANS, MORTGAGE AMOUNTS, BUY-TO-LEASE MORTGAGE.

Each TABLE group will be responsible for ONE of the following policies of the MAS to help its citizens to better manage their finances.  You might like to think about the RAMIFICATIONS of the Government NOT putting these policies in place.

You may refer the Monetary Authority of Singapore website for more information

In terms of the WORLD AT LARGE - 
Consider the effect of DEBT in the developing world.  How many people are kept in servitude in order to maintain their debt repayment and how some people’s debt are inter-generational.  

Taking the effect of MORTGAGE RATES and how property prices can be soaring around the world, how it might be possible for debt to roll-over to the “next generation” so as to keep mortgage repayment amounts low, especially for the properties that have > 90% debt.

We can check out the Singapore government’s policy of checking the debt-to-income ratio in the purchase of property … the deposit requirement to purchase cars (why is this necessary?) … the total amount of debt that each person can have at any time.

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